Meet Author Eric Zehnder

Eric Zehnder

Eric Zehnder

    Eric Zehnder has had a passion for writing for over 30 years now. Over the last 30 years Eric has written over 200 manuscripts and amassed a private collection of over 12,000 sayings. A general contractor with previous history building custom beach homes Eric’s love and passion for writing started out as and remained a hobby until early 2008 when Eric decided to publish and release some of his writings. Eric teamed up with Elijah Rain Productions, a on-line ministry network and the process began.

    In August of 2008 Eric’s first book was released, The Child Who Learned Dreams Come True. A wonderful creative children’s story that mentors character, hope, and wonderful things to children. Only fitting since as a child Eric loved to read and that love and passion lead to a wonderful life love for writing.

    Then in October of 2008 Eric’s second book was release, Sayings From The Teton Mountains. This book release is an extension of Eric’s love, passion and desire to encourage others.

    Currently Eric has two more books soon going to the press to be released.

    Eric Zehnder attended high school in Huntington Beach, Ca. He then went on to the University of California at Irvine, in Orange County, Ca. Continuing his education he went on to Graduate School at Yale University. He studied under, lived with, and was the page of Yale’s greatest historian. Eric is married, has three teenage sons, two of which are currently in college.

Eric’s Latest Release October 2008

Sayings From The Teton Mountains

Sayings From The Teton Mountains ISBN: 978-1-60383-110-9

 Eric’s Children’s Book Released August 2008


The Child Who Learned Dreams Come True ISBN 13:9781603830980

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